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bbm technology co.,ltd is professional manufacturer with led traffic lights,traffic light modules and led digital gas price sign products in shenzhen,china.welcome oem&odm cooperation!


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  • crossing intersection

    crossing intersection,each direction has red,yellow and green left arrows + red,yellow and green foward arrows + red,yellow and green right arrows;each direction has two sets of static or dynamic pedestrian lights.s..


  • led digital gas price sign

    1.wireless remote controlling,lcd display remoter with chargeable.2.the controller can communicate with led display module's price changer and segments price sign.3.also we can do bi-colors and tri-colors gas/mo..


  • taxi top full color led sign

    widely used in taxi's top for advertisment and notice messages.taxi display,led display,taxi led small sign,led sign,taxi top full colors display.


  • 25 lamps led arrow board

    led arrow board widely used in highway or busy way for helping to remind drivers' attention of the front road condition,in order to reduce the possible accidents and traffic jam in mostly.