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bbm technology co.,ltd is professional manufacturer with led traffic lights,traffic light modules and led digital gas price sign products in shenzhen,china.welcome oem&odm cooperation!
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Quality Management

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Traffic light quality assurance:

Quality is the life of the enterprise, BBM believe that high quality of the products is the most effective salesman.

Low has advanced traffic signal production management and research and development technology, technical innovation and constantly.

Introduction of the latest industrial automation production equipment, every link in the process of optimizing production step by step.

The introduction of high-end quality testing equipment, can fully cover each of the raw material test.

The low have their own perfect inspection method and standard quality management. The company through the IS09001:2000 system certification, product through GB14887-2011 national standard certification, CE, EMC and LVD, Euro. EN12368, RoHS, TUV, IP55, national GA/T508-2004 standard for road traffic signal countdown display and national GB25280-2010 standard for road traffic signal control machine and other certification.

Quality management:

Esd system, all the assembly line, the work equipment have been ground handling, ensure that the product in our traffic light electrostatic damage.

Low has formulated strict and rigorous quality control process and specification, covering never expect that every link in the process of delivery, no absolute guarantee that bad product into the next step.

The introduction of high-end testing equipment, can fully detect each kind of raw materials.

Fully in accordance with the ISO9001 certification system standards for production, and the whole factory 7 s on-site management.

Low has a perfect quality management mechanism: IQC, IPQC, LQC, OQC, QE engineering, QA, engineering and supplier management.

Equipment support:

Advanced precise automatic placement machine, automatic braiding machine, reflow welding machine, wave welding machine, wick aging room, automatic cutting machine feet, also has a programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine, programmable salt spray testing machine, transportation vibration table, salt fog test, the LED light color electricity parameter comprehensive tester, grounding resistance tester, compression tester, leakage current tester, color luminance meter and other testing equipment. From detail to fully guarantee the light stability performance of the whole screen.

The reliability testing:

Low electrical reliability experiment. Semi-finished wick before assembly, after QC testing is completely OK, all the products on electrical high-temperature aging at least 48 hours.

Low finished product aging experiment. Electricity aging more than 48 hours trouble-free can be shipped.

Low test experiment: salt fog rain protection has been one of the most key of outdoor products quality request. Hosing test for traffic lights to ensure the water proofing property. Positive protection grade has completely reached P55.

Low anti-corrosion anti-embroidered experiment: in order to ensure the circuit boards, chassis, anticorrosion function such as screws, we to each batch of new purchases of circuit boards, chassis and screw must be the salt spray test for 24 hours.

Low vibration experiment: for traffic lights, traffic-induced screen, due to the typhoon, may work in vibration condition, in order to guarantee its reliable performance, to carry on the simulation vibration experiment.

Low field debugging: in a real outdoor environment to debug, traffic lights to ensure traffic lights in the factory and installation location has the same display effect. Company technical personnel can assist the customer on-site installation instructions.

Traffic lights product sales across the country more than 300 cities in 33 provinces and autonomous regions, with hundreds of customers; Exports more than one hundred countries and with Saudi Arabia, Iran, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, the United States, Spain, Russia, India, Honduras, Nigeria and other countries of the company has established good relations of cooperation. Favored by the majority of customers praise.

The company production and testing equipment:

reflow-soldering machine&

work line 

integrating sphere


wave-soldering machine&

work line


vibration measurement