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the possible failures of led traffic signal heads and how to solve

  With more than eight years profound accumulated industry experience in led traffic signal ,BBM will offer our customers a summary of the issues they may encounter during use and also the corresponding resolution. The summary can be helpful in forming an accurate judgment the first time when the led traffic signal fails to work ,and help to take immediate remedial measures to avoid disturbing the traffic order.

Issue 1: led traffic signal light will be lit up normally when it is individually electrified and once is connected with intelligent traffic controller ,two led traffic signal heads will be turned on at the same time or keep flashing.

  Failure reason: Zero line is turn off or connected wrong originally .

  Solution:Check whether the control circuit is disconnected or contacted well.

Issue 2: The lit up led traffic signal heads is inconsistent with the signal which intelligent traffic controller have output .

  Failure reason: There's a faulty connection .

  Solution: Check the line and ensure led traffic signal heads is connected in the correct position of intelligent traffic controller.


Issue 3:  led traffic signal heads is out of control of intelligent traffic controller .

  Failure reason:Zero line is connected wrong .

  Solution: Check the Zero line to ensure it is connected to the corresponding terminal.


Issue 4: led traffic signal heads keeps on being lit up.

  Failure reason:there is probably a short in the led traffic signal heads circuit,or there is something wrong with intelligent traffic controller .

  Solution: Check the led traffic signal heads for short circuits.if not, check the intelligent traffic controller.


Issue 4: the circuit and the intelligent traffic controller is normally working,while the led traffic signal heads stop work.

  Failure reason: there may be a failure in led traffic signal heads or in its Switching power supply.

  Solution:  Check the Switching power supply firstly and if there is no problem,please call BBM customer services or send a e-mail to resolve the issue . The number is 0755-29174815 and the e-mail address is