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A new lane led directional traffic signal light --ETC:

     With the rapid development of Intelligent Transportation,more and more ETC lane are put to use. According to production data statistics of professional led traffic signal light manufacturers BBM,the new ETC lane led directional traffic signal light are replacing the traditional red cross and green arrow lane led directional traffic signal light.The demand for ETC lane led directional traffic signal light is growing.


    ETC, known as Electronic Toll Collection or automatic charging system has been the the most advanced freeway and bridge toll system,which is developed and has been widely applied in highway, bridge and tunnel internationally. Through short range communications dedicated to microwave between car electronic tag installed on the vehicle-windshield and microwave antennas of the ETC lane,ETC use the computer networking technology to make the connection with bank to process background settlement , eventually achieving pay fees without stopping when vehicles pass through a toll station.


    Electronic Toll Collection has a longer history of development abroad and it has achieved locally networked and generated economies of scale in many regions and countries,such as America and Europe. In our country, the Ministry of Transport issued a statement to launch the ETC networking of National Highway in March 2014 and basically achieved it by the end of 2015. The main ETC Toll station coverage reaches 100percent and the number of ETC users reaches 20 million.


   The system of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) which can obviously reduce the charge time has become a effective method to improve the traffic capacity.Road charging system goes electronically which will reduced costs of management of charging and improve operational efficiency of the vehicles. It  will also reduce the noise and exhaust emissions at the entrance of roll station. Since the traffic capacity has been improved to a greater degree by ETC , the toll station can scale down to save capital construction and management fees. In addition ,Electronic Toll Collection is not only a advanced tolling technology to a city,but also an effective measures of traffic management through the economy lever to accommodate the traffic flows.


   The chief engineer Jinghua Wang of Research Institute of highway Science of Ministry of Transport said,the construction of ETC lane has driven a newly added industrial output value of 30 hundred million and economizes investment for 180 hundred million,from which the economic benefits brought by developing Intelligent Transportation can be seen.It is said that building 5000 more ETC lanes  will make it possible to 08 build 15000 smaller ones。