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When led traffic sign module are inconsistent with lane indication sign

  The company have provided a vehicle release solution directed by led traffic sign module at an intersection for our client recently . when we communicate with the client about the solution, the client is confused about one led traffic signal phase in the solution .

  As the picture shows,there are four lanes from west to east in the south-north direction ,one is left-turn lane and the other three is through lane at the intersection.However, the client asked us why there are two groups left turning arrow led traffic sign modules and two groups straight-going arrow led traffic sign modules,which are inconsistent with the lane indication sign. And a question comes naturally

to mind : How should the car in the lanes 2 drive, go straight according to the direction of lane 2 or turn left indicated by led traffic sign modules ?

  In fact,there have been clients raising the same question before.when the number of lanes is the same as led traffic sign module,some driver seems rather confused by the question mentioned above not just this client. A typical misunderstanding about basic concept of led traffic sign module exists in this question: led traffic sign module is not lane indicator lights and can’t be confused with lane indicator lights.

  Led traffic sign module determines which directions of traffic flow has a priority on right-of-way at one point by displaying green led traffic sign module,or which directions can’t pass by displaying red led traffic sign module . While, which directions of traffic flow can use which lanes is determined by line marking on the lanes( as shown in the image,left turning traffic flow should take the lane 1,traffic flow going straight should take the lane 2, 3 ,4.)

  Now back on the picture, when the left turning arrow led traffic sign modules light up, only the traffic flow in the lane 1 can turn left,even it is two group left turning arrow led traffic sign modules that the led traffic sign module you see are two group left turning arrow led traffic sign modules.

  However, why there are two group left turning arrow led traffic sign modules?

  According to national regulations about installation requirements of led traffic sign modules,each direction should set up two groups led traffic sign modules in order to ensure clear visibility. Usually the two groups stands on either side of the street to be observed from multi- angles by drivers. If there is only one group of led traffic sign modules,once a certain color of the led traffic sign modules fail to work,the corresponding direction will lose instruction. While,the probability of the case when both of the led traffic sign modules fail to work will be lower when there are two group.