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Service Metropolis: LED traffic lights on the sharing and Tips

Recently, the reporter in the New Town area Machao Dong Lu Jing Road intersection and saw the traditional traffic lights on more than one LED indicates card, it is particularly special and rosy.

Reporters from the new District Patrol Battalion have learned to install LED lights on the prompt card, the new capital in June this year to upgrade the main road junctions built and rebuilt raised increased functionality. Currently, in the New Town area Machao Dong Road, Tung Chun Lake junction, HuangJueShu Street intersection, Dafeng Huadu Avenue intersection traffic lights are installed LED indicates card. Its main role is to: As usual traffic safety publicity tips, the majority of the occupants and the safety of traffic participants Warm prompt release. Meanwhile, in a timely manner the relevant laws and regulations, policy advocacy to the general public. In addition, the main street in the New Town area transformation or other roads need to adjust the time, you can use this as a road sign for tips and guidelines to protect the roads open.

Traffic police officer told reporters: "By installing LED traffic lights prompt card this measure, only to create an atmosphere of civilized traffic alert and abide by traffic participants Road Traffic Safety Law. While also promoting scientific and rational norms traffic."

Ms Wang told reporters: "Traffic lights LED indicates card is installed on the practice is innovative, it is better reminder and warning of the pedestrians and vehicular traffic lights on the prompt attention, he usually cross the road, they would go for a see prompt card posted on some of the latest policy and traffic safety regulations. LED prompt card is not only a scientific and rational, but also very beautiful. "

【Notes】 Reporter traffic lights, LED prompt card is only an auxiliary guide road traffic, the real road traffic safety civilized norms need you I consciously abide by joint efforts.