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Longyan traffic lights into the era of multi-junction install countdown timer

9,8,7 ...... since the end of last month , more than Iwaki intersection traffic lights changed its appearance , will pop figures. Recently, several major downtown traffic junction traffic lights added a new countdown , ending the central city is only a traffic light countdown history. Many people believe that the new countdown additional traffic signal allows more intuitive , light, and over the number of intersection heart more , while improving traffic safety junctions play a positive role .

It is understood that , at present , the city police departments in the city 32 junctions installed 152 sets of traffic countdown , while Long states , such as five individual Jiabao high traffic intersection crosswalk installation countdown , the next stage will be in the city conditional junctions continue to install countdown .

Public : After installation more convenient countdown timer

October 21 , reporters at ninety-one South Longzhou intersection to see , where dealers traffic lights , pedestrian traffic lights are installed in the appropriate countdown device . Thus vehicles can clearly see the countdown time , " 3,2,1 " green light intersection , next to the countdown appears as more than 50 seconds , the countdown is under the direction of the vehicle orderly traffic at the junction .

"There countdown tips, according to the number of seconds shown above can be determined in advance through the intersection in order to decide whether or not to open in the past ." Master Wang said the driver , in the absence of the timer before , it is easy to predict many mistakes, ran a red light , people are very upset. Today, the installation of traffic lights and the official countdown timer operation, so that we can fully grasp the time , waiting for a red light reduces irritability , and reduce the occurrence of red light , grab the yellow and so on.

"Hope for a long time , and finally saw countdown countdown in the past to this junction, because traffic, traffic large , it is inevitable that some tension, often ' thinks ,' Well now , with the countdown timer , over intersection heart several of . " Ms. Lee then tells Iwaki many people saw lights in the countdown timer praise mood. She said the traffic light countdown to the hearts of pedestrians crossing the road more spectrum can effectively avoid the red light when crossing the road suddenly becomes stuck in the middle of the road situation.